Attention Members:  

Google Account required  

... to access private information  For privacy sake, member information is located in private areas that require you to sign in using your Google account (and that account must be a member of our Google group). 

If you don’t already have a Google Account, you can sign up for a free Google account using any email address (your existing email, or creating a new gmail address). So you don’t need to start using a new email account. Also, you can also associate multiple email addresses with a single Google account (such as and which also allows you to choose which address receives our group email.

1) If you need to create a Google Account or to learn more visit: 
2) Enroll in our Group - sign up on the About page.

3) Finally, test your account by clicking on the link to the members private page, below.

Members’ private page: 

This is your information center where you’ll be able to access all News, Calendar, Files, and Group email messages. A link to this page is in the footer of each group email. If you’re at the website and the private pages don’t appear in the menu, click on the “Unlock private pages: Members sign in” link in the sidebar. 

Site Design

This is a Google Sites website.  Information presented on the site will vary depending on permissions granted to a user's Google Account. This site includes these tiers of access:

  • Public - anyone visiting the site can access some pages (regardless of a Google Account), typically this includes the Home and About pages.  All other pages are hidden from view. 
  • Demo Members - Participants in this activity are members of a Google Group. Upon signing in to their Google Account, participants will have access to additional web pages: Members and can also access Google services embedded in the pages (calendars, groups, files).
  • Demo Managers - The leadership team of this activity, another Google Group, has access to additional pages and services that are private to the team for the purpose of running the activity. Visit Managers-private.

To be sure that you are seeing everything that's available to you, click on the Unlock private pages: 'Member Sign in' link in the sidebar.  You can tell if you are signed in by the format of the URL:

  • Public mode:
  • Signed in mode:


You can subscribe to the Musical calendars to add them into your:

  • Smartphone
  • Personal Google Calendar page
  • Computer Calendar Apps (Outlook & Apple iCal)

Follow the instructions below each calendar.

General user info about Google Apps services

These sites (and other resources: calendar, etc.) are readily editable by anyone that's been granted permission.  Visibility to the activity's resources can be public, fully restricted, or anywhere in-between depending on your needs.

Information from other Google App services can be integrated into the site, either embedded in pages, or via links.  
  • Calendars - calendar widgets can be embedded into pages (see the Calendars page).
  • Drive - link to the drive folders, link to specific files, or embed files into a page (see the Files page).
  • Groups - link to Google Groups, embed a group widget into a page providing a view of the group, learn more (see the Group page).
  • Photos - Picasa Web Albums (Google's Photo service) - embed photos or slide shows, and/or provide links to the Picasa Web Albums page and slideshows 
For your users / group members - In addition to seeing information on this site, users may have access to content from various menus in their Google Account: CalendarsDrive/DocumentsGroupsSites, etc. (some restrictions exist). This site's Help page has all the necessary links and information, plus a link to the Google Apps Help site that provides instructions on how to perform many common tasks.